Doors Vol.1

Open & closes, slams, creaks, squeaks, locks, knocks & handles from various types of doors & drawers (175 doors in total).

Performed in a variety of ways from numerous perspectives. Locations include; apartments, schools, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, car parks, laundries & studios

All sounds were recorded using the Schoeps CCM8/CCM4 mid-side microphone and Sound Devices Mix-Pre 6.

Mid-Side recordings are presented in their raw, uncoded format as well as decoded stereo files for efficient editing. Recordings have been processed using the Control V2 plugin by Brainworx.


384 audio files


File/Metadata Description

Equipment Used

Microphone: Schoeps CCM8/CCM4 MS

Recorder: Sound Devices Mix-Pre 6

Software: Control V2 by Brainworx