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Museums & Galleries

This library features a wide range of recordings from various museums and galleries, each differentiated by the nuances of their size and space. All recordings feature pristine echos, walla and movement. The library includes stereo & 5.0 recordings from:

  • War Museums

  • History Museums

  • State Museums

  • Science Museums

  • Art Galleries

  • Photography Galleries

  • State Galleries

All sounds were recorded using a stereo pair of DPA 4060s, DPA 5100, Sound Devices Mix-Pre 6 and Sound Devices 788T.


272 Audio Files

26.3 GB

File/Metadata Description

Equipment Used

Microphones: DPA 5100 & DPA 4060 Stereo Pair

Recorders: Sound Devices Mix-Pre 6 & Sound Devices 788T